Event Lighting

Light up the night.


Over the past few years, high-quality lighting has become a desired feature at many weddings and upscale events. Lighting can be a creative way to spice up your wedding venue. Revolutionary lighting features, such as up-lighting and custom monograms, have become a mainstay for modern wedding entertainment. These trendy lighting features were once only affordable for the wealthy. However, advances in LED-lighting technology has made fashionable lights an option for even the most frugal of wedding planners.

At Evolution Entertainment, we bring the lights to you. The hassle of booking a venue that has the perfect lighting is behind you. We will provide you with the lighting of your choice, install the lighting in the desired locations, and ensure that the lights dazzle your guests all through the night. Creating a beautiful wedding is easy with our fully customizable and energy efficient up-lights.

The lighting at a wedding isn’t just for show. The lights you choose will help set the mood and make your special day a unique event that will be unforgettable.