Ceremony Sound

Make your wedding heard.

Your ceremony may need to be amplified, and we’re here to help your guests hear you say “I do.” Modern weddings have moved away from traditional settings, such as churches, towards trendy venues like outdoor gardens and ceremony halls.

At Evolution Entertainment, we use a portable PA system. This means that no matter where your wedding is, we can help you be heard. Our ceremony sound system can be used for your wedding ceremony, speeches, music, and whatever else you may need. Our standard packages offers one corded microphone. However, we are able to offer up to four wireless microphones if needed.

Wedding guests show up to hear you say “I do.” If you plan on having a beautiful outdoor wedding, but you’re afraid your guests may have trouble hearing you, the solution is simple: let Evolution Entertainment provide you with a crisp, clear ceremony sound system. Our sound system, paired with our 15 years of DJ experience, will make the sounds of your wedding memorable, pleasant, and heard.