Vendor Awards

Do vendor awards really matter?

As a bride or groom, you’re spending lots of your time searching for the best venues, clothing, food, cakes, and entertainment for your wedding. Many companies like to attach their vendor awards to their company title. You’re likely seeing companies that describe themselves as the best at what they do because of the various vendor awards they’ve received. You probably see titles like, “XYZ Cakes, winner of ‘The Best St. Croix Valley Wedding Cake of 2016’ award” all over the Internet. Unfortunately, these awards are relatively meaningless and don’t recognize the best companies in a given area.


What is a vendor award?

Vendor awards are created to highlight the best companies in the wedding industry. These awards are meant to bring more attention to the best companies that serve at weddings. Unfortunately, voting can be manipulated by different factors, and often times only the largest companies are given awards. Many companies, like Evolution Entertainment, disregard vendor awards as unfair awards that give a clear advantage to the largest companies.


How do companies earn vendor awards?

Vendor awards are earned through a simple voting system. Whatever company receives the most votes towards a vendor award receives that award. The advantage that large companies hold over local businesses is clear: because large companies that serve weddings are being featured at multiple events every weekend, they have a much larger audience that will go vote for them to receive vendor awards.

Another unappealing aspect of vendor awards is how votes are received. Wedding guests have no prior knowledge of current vendor awards that are being voted on. In order to receive votes, DJs, catering companies, and venues will pester guests to vote on the awards. This takes attention away from the bride and groom and puts it on the personal interests of the company providing wedding services. Annoying, right?

Vendor award websites, such as WeddingWire, like to claim that they are the be all and end all of wedding reviews. However, all these companies really want is money. They operate to drive soon-to-be brides and grooms to their website for ad revenue, not to provide them with excellent wedding vendor reviews.

Vendor awards aren’t selected by those in the industry and they aren’t based off of how good wedding vendors actually are. All a company needs to do to receive one of these awards is get five positive reviews. These reviews could come from anywhere, including family and friends, making the awards pointless and a poor way to judge which wedding services are actually the best.


Should you trust vendor awards?

To put it simply, no. Under certain circumstances, vendor awards may actually go to the companies that provide the best wedding services. Sometimes when a company earns a vendor award, they actually deserve it! However, most vendor awards go to large companies with large audiences, multiple systems & multiple DJ’s. We recommend meeting with the DJ who would be at your event, not with the owner of company, to make sure he/she is the right fit.

At Evolution Entertainment, we don’t care for vendor awards. The awards kill small businesses, and that’s what we are: a small business. Although vendor awards are a nice idea, we care more about what you tell your friends than what you tell a random awards company on the Internet. We believe that our company is well represented through word-of-mouth marketing and reputation alone. We always show our clients that we care more about their wedding being memorable than the profits or awards we may earn.

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