How important is your wedding entertainment?

Wedding planning is no small task. Brides and grooms spend countless hours deciding who to invite, what should be worn, the color scheme, flowers, food, and so on. However, wedding entertainment is often overlooked. According to a survey released in 2006, 72% of brides wish they would have spend more time on selecting their wedding entertainment.

A large reason why the majority of brides wish they had spent more time selecting their wedding entertainment is because guests are more than two times as likely to remember the entertainment than the gown and flowers. Guests are also four times more likely to remember the entertainment over the venue and the catering. Brides and grooms should focus more on their wedding entertainment because that’s what the guests tend to remember the most.

Why not a band?

The idea of booking a wedding band is something that crosses the minds of most brides and grooms. Everybody loves live music, and good wedding bands can be interactive, charismatic, and downright fun. There is also a huge amount of risk that goes into booking a wedding band.

  • With live music, you never know what you’re going to get. Sure, the band may sound fantastic when recorded, or their last show you saw may have been great, but that does not mean that they will perform at that same level for your special day.
  • Bands need breaks. A band can’t be expected to play for hours on end. Their voices get tired, they get bored with the music, and they don’t have the energy to perform for 4+ hours straight. Band breaks can also kill the momentum of the party. With a DJ, you never have to worry about fatigue.
  • Bands vs. DJs. Wedding dances are meant for one thing: dancing. People watch bands, but people dance to DJs. Your guests may spend too much time watching a band perform. With a DJ, you know your guests will party through the night without the distraction of live performers.

In the same 2006 study, 65% of couples that chose to book a wedding band said that if they were to do it over again, they would book a DJ. If you’re considering a live band, make sure to consider the money, atmosphere, and your guests before signing on the dotted line.


Your DJ cares about you.

You generally pay your DJ to play at your wedding for four hours. A full-service DJ will generally invest anywhere between 12-30 hours into your wedding. At Evolution Entertainment, we invest much more than four hours, especially if you’re looking for help with planning. We spend time consulting you, purchasing and editing music, driving to and from your location, setting up and tearing down, and helping with the planning of other wedding elements you may have overlooked.

Rates for the average wedding DJ are around $400 an hour. However, that number is only taking into consideration the four hours spent actually DJing. If you’re looking for the perfect wedding DJ, you want somebody who will go above and beyond to make sure that your wedding day is perfect.

At Evolution Entertainment, we care about you. We’re a small-time local DJ company that wants nothing more than to please you and your guests and make your day memorable. Please contact us to set up a face-to-face meeting and we will show you why we’re the best wedding entertainment around.


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