Great DJs use great equipment.

When you book a DJ, you want to know that they’re only using the best brands available. Many DJ companies purchase cheap products so they can maximize their profits. Large DJ companies that need multiple sound systems often buy cheap, unreliable equipment that tends to fail quicker. It’s often overlooked, but a DJ’s equipment can make or break the night.

Evolution Entertainment only uses the best of the best. We buy and use reliable brands such as Apple, Audio-Technica wireless microphones, Chauvet & ADJ lighting, Serato DJ software, and QSC audio. These high quality brands produce the best lights and sounds in the DJ industry. Great brands create great nights, and great DJs use great equipment.



The easiest thing for a DJ to skimp on is their sound system. There are so many different sound systems available that it’s easy to find something cheap that looks like it will do the job. However, a good DJ uses the best speakers they can get their hands on. After all, great music and sound is why DJs get hired in the first place.

QSC is a globally recognized leader in sound – that’s why Evolution Entertainment uses only QSC audio. Our system boasts 4,000 watts of power, making them some of the clearest, loudest speakers on the market. We only use apple computers, which are always backed up in case of a technical emergency. We use Apple because they are reliable and don’t fail. Mac computers are less likely to get viruses and they age better than Windows computers. They also have the best software for controlling music and hooking up to our four wireless microphones, which produce clear, crisp sound from up to 200 feet away.


Lights and Effects

Light systems can be bought or built. The best systems are built, but most DJs buy their systems because it’s easier. Evolution Entertainment builds all of our light systems – making them unique. To start, all of our lights are LED, making their total energy usage less than 400 watts. Before LED lights, DJs use to blow circuits and bulbs all the time. Now our lights use less energy than a small microwave.

Our unique, fully customizable lights are controlled by a light controller. Our light controller uses a different button for each light. We use different lights for every song, constantly creating new environments for your dance floor. We utilize two moving headlights that work together, slow lights, lasers, a moonflower, bang lights, and haze to turn your dance floor into an unstoppable party.

The haze machine used by Evolution Entertainment is water-based and nontoxic. The haze is hardly noticeable unless you take a picture. In pictures, haze will help bring out the lights and beams in the background. Some DJs use fog, which is more likely to set off fire alarms. You don’t have to worry about toxins or fire alarms with our haze system!


Final Thoughts

A DJ is only as good as their equipment. Some DJs will buy the cheap stuff knowing that they can always return it or buy something else if it fails. Evolution Entertainment has had the best equipment from the beginning. Not only do we use the best equipment because it’s reliable and it works great, but we also want to provide you and your guests with the best experience imaginable.