Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know Evolution Entertainment.

How do you pick the music you play?

First, we set up a face-to-face meeting with the bride and groom. We then determine specific songs they’d like played and what genres they would like to stick to. We allow the bride and groom to be as involved with the music selection process as they would like. If the bride and groom would like to be less involved, we select our music based off of the mood, genre, popularity, and time period of the songs.


Do you “mix” your music?

We have the ability to mix the music played at your wedding dance. Although most brides and grooms don’t prefer the scratching sounds and sudden changes in music, we would be more than happy to show off our DJ skills for your guests.


Do you only do weddings?

Although weddings are our specialty, we are more than happy to listen to whatever event proposals you have. In the past, we have DJ’d for dances, corporate events, competitions, and large runs and walks in the Twin Cities.


What areas do you offer your services?

We have provided DJ services at over 400 locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. At Evolution Entertainment, we like to think of ourselves as a “traveling” DJ service. We’re more than happy to bring our trailer of equipment to whatever destination you plan on holding your wedding at. Check out the map of our past DJ events on our experience page.


How do you dress for events?

Our typical attire is black slacks, a button down shirt, and a tie. Our goal is to blend into the background and not attract attention away from the wedding and in photos. We will never dress more formal than the groom or groomsmen. If you have questions or requests about our attire, please let us know what you have in mind.


Are you insured?

We are covered by a full liability insurance policy. If requested, we can provide you with a copy of our insurance policy.


What if you are sick the day of an event?

If we are sick the day of an event, rest assured you will have a DJ. We work with a network of other DJs who would step in at a moment’s notice. Our assistant is also able to take our place if needed. Although this situation has never happened in over 500 weddings – nothing would change from the original services you paid for.


Do you bring back up equipment?

Yes, we always have 2 mac’s when DJing, back up speakers, cords, etc in the trailer, and back up components for the photo booth when in operation.

Have a question? Please contact us with any other questions or comments.